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BILIUM project presented in Prague

In the framework of the 7th international scientific-practical seminar "Multilingualism and crosscultural communication", which has been organized by FMZ university of Greifswald, Karlov University, MCI Klic 11th - 13th October 2013 in Prague, results of the BILIUM Project have been presented. The audience of more than 250 participants showed heavy interest in the EU financed project. During the sessions and beside the official program the project organizers received useful remarks and recommendations. This will help to improve the efficiency of BILIUM and to lead it in the right direction. Especially the project faced interest from possible dissemination partners from Belgium, Bulgaria, Latvia, Slovenia, Spain in order to interest multiplicators like municipalities or use the results to improve program and quality of teaching in the own organization. so the organizers are delighted to transfer the project results to other countries than in the consortium and made a remarkable step forward to make BILIUM useful and sustainable.

Details in Russian and English:


Sammelband der Prager Konferenz 2013