Language Centre

The Language Centre is a language-learning facility belonging to the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, where students can attend language courses that are part of the curriculum for Optional/General Studies (languages, rhetoric, writing competence) as well as optional language courses. It has several language and computer labs, as well as a media library.

Attending university-based courses to improve language skills and general competencies helps students with their studies, mobility and later careers. The courses are based on academic principles and held using modern methods that are both suited to the target group and future-oriented.

The Language Centre is involved in international projects and fosters contact between German and foreign students in the form of tandems, e-learning and email projects.

As part of language training, students will...

  • learn to understand foreign languages and express themselves.

  • recognise, that their own actions are a result of their culture.

  • learn about some of the conditions (cultural, historical, regional etc.) that determine the actions of others.

  • learn to change perspectives, consider their own point of view in relative terms and develop sensitivity for intercultural issues.

As part of competence training, students will...

  • acquire the skills that are relevant for holding presentations, writing coursework essays and using the internet.

  • acquire knowledge that enables them to analyse communicative situations, linguistic and medial requirements, and provides them with the tools to develop strategies and solutions for their own linguistic and medial actions.

The facility, which was founded in 1953 with the goal of establishing the Russian language as a subject to accompany studies at the University, has now developed into today's Language Centre with a wide range of language courses.

With its online offers and the SEAGULL project, the Language Centre is part of an international network and also supports tandem work in different languages.