Writing Competence

The module Writing Competence teaches basic knowledge and skills for dealing with texts.

Text linguistic research and the central findings of research into writing form the foundation of the module. The focus lies on text types and their communicative functions and features on the one hand, and the writing process on the other.

Students learn about the individual steps of text production and the related requirements. The objective is to acquire background knowledge and the ability to conceive texts for science as well as other areas of use and to write them in an appropriate form. The lecture teaches the background theory, while the practice groups focus on writing practice. Analysis, production and reflection are closely tied together in the learning process.

This makes it possible for students to develop an awareness of the specific features of different text types that can then be used in future writing situations. In addition to exercises in general writing competence, exercises in academic writing acquaint participants with techniques and methods that cover the various stages of the writing process, from planning, to finding a topic, to structuring a written assignment. Furthermore, the course encourages reflection on one's own writing behaviour and the acquisition of new writing strategies. The course concept thus considers essential aspects of writing competence and enables the participants to strengthen their individual writing competence.

The module comprises 150 hours and can be completed in one semester. Participation is possible in both the winter and summer semester.

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