Fees and Charges for Language Courses, Examinations etc.

Is there a fee for attending language courses?

Yes, if language courses are not provided for in the respective study and examination regulations, students will have to pay the fees stipulated in the University's Gebührenordnung (fee regulations) - see appendix I 2.

There is no fee for attending language courses as part of the curriculum or as a compulsory elective module.

What are the fees for students?
Courses with 2 SWS (contact hours/week): € 22.00
Courses with 4 SWS (contact hours/week): € 40,00
Intensive language courses with 60 hours: € 45,00
Certificate examination following course attendance: € 15,00
Language test without having attended a course: € 25,00
Copy of a certificate based on the excerpt from the minutes € 7,50
Confirmation of the correctness of a translation € 10,00
You will receive a notification of charges after the start of the semester.
The fee must then be transferred within the specified period.
How can I register for a language course as a member of staff or guest student and what does it cost?

The lecturer must admit the members of staff and guest students to the course every semester. To be admitted, you must submit the Guest Student Application Form to us. You must then submit the application form together with the enrolment documents to the Students' Registration Office (in person or by post). The end of the enrolment period for the winter semester is 31 October and 30 April for summer semester.

The fee for participation in language courses is based on a calculation of the overall costs. You will receive a corresponding invoice from us at the beginning of the semester. Depending on the number of hours of tuition and the lecturer, the costs range from € 73 to € 235 per semester.

An exception is made for general English courses and technical English courses, which have generally been free of charge for members of staff since winter semester 2014/15 as a measure to foster the internationalisation of the University.