The French language does not only sound appealing, it is also one of the planet’s leading global languages. It is spoken by around 300 million people on all continents, whether as a native language, an administrative language or a second language.
Together with Italian, Spanish, Occitan, Catalan, Portuguese, Romanian,... it has its origins in spoken Latin - an advantage if you would like to learn one of these languages.

No matter which subject discipline you come from, French is interesting for everyone: Robespierre or Napoleon, Camus or Sartre, Pasteur or Montagnier, Ravel or Debussy... But also Zaz, Stromae or Louane...

Course Offers

Curricular vs. Optional Language Courses

Most of the language courses at the University of Greifswald can be taken either as part of a degree course’s curriculum or as an optional extra.

If you have registered for a language course as part of the curriculum, it will count towards the required ECTS as stipulated in the relevant examination and study regulations (including Optional Studies/General Studies). If you register for a language course as an optional extra, you do this out of personal interest, regardless of any examination and study regulations. Find further information here.


Dr. Barbara Bellini (contract lecturer)


Consultation hours: by arrangement


Enguerrand Crépiat (contract lecturer)


Consultation hours: by arrangement