Registration and Cancellation, Terms of Participation, Change of Course

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When and how can I sign up for a course?

For course registration use HIS, the self-service portal of the university. Registration for the winter semester usually starts on 1 September and for the summer semester on 1 March. You have to sign up for each new semester.

What shall I do if the course is booked out but I need to take it in order to graduate in time?

If the course is part of your curriculum, contact the course instructor.

Can I still join the course even though registration time is over?

First check the number of course participants in the self-service portal (HIS). If there are more than 20 participants, chances are very low that you will be admitted. If there are fewer than 20 people registered, write an e-mail to the course instructor. (Include your student ID number.)

How can I cancel my registration?

If the course is part of your curriculum, just cancel your registration on the self service portal (HIS).

If the course is optional for you, you must cancel your registration within the first two weeks, otherwise the course fee will be charged.

Will there be any negative consequences if I don’t participate in a course I have signed up for?

In case of future registrations, you might be put on a waiting list.

Can I swap courses when I realise that it is too hard or too easy?

Generally, this is not a problem, provided that there is an alternative offer. Consult your instructor. You might need to wait till the next semester.

I am a student of another university, would I be allowed to attend a language course at the Language Centre?

You need to get registered as a visiting student. Show this registration to your instructor and pay the corresponding course fee.