Other services

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Can I borrow any equipment from the Language Centre?

The following gadgets can be borrowed: data projector, camera, tripod, voice recorder, microphone.

You need to

1          Fill in the form and hand it in to the Head of the language Centre.

2          After approval, collect the gadget from the office of the Language Centre. You’ll be
            asked to fill in a borrower’s ticket.

Does the Language Centre do translations?

In principle not. However, we confirm the correctness of translations of certificates and documents relevant for your studies which have to be done by yourself.

The service costs 10 Euro.


Gebührenordnung (fee regulations) of the University of Greifswald

Does the Language Centre offer proofreading of scientific articles in English?

We don’t do proofreading but help academic staff of the university find qualified proofreaders. You’ll then have to negotiate the details, e.g. payment, with them.


What can I do if I’ve lost something in one of the class rooms?

Lost items will be kept in the office of the Language Centre or the PC pool for one week. Then they will be sent to the central lost property office of the university (Rubenowstraße 2, Poststelle).