Writing Competence

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When does the Module “Writing Competence” start?

The course is offered each semester and includes the examination at the end.

How long does the course last?

The course lasts one semester and comprises a workload of 150 hours. If you opt for this module, please register for both the lecture and seminar group.

When do lectures and seminars take place?

You will find that information on the homepage of the Language Centre.

What shall I do if I can’t make to class?

Please, inform your teacher by email. Give your name and seminar group number, check the minutes and enquire about homework.

How many hours do I have to study individually?

For the lecture, it is 30 contact hours + 30 hours of individual studies.

For the seminar, it is 30 contact hours + 60 hours of individual studies.

Isn’t that too complicated? How shall I schedule my studies?

Even though the course takes place once in a fortnight, work regularly every week.
For example, if there is a class on Thursday from 13.30 till 17.30, you should use the
same time slot for your individual studies in the following week and so on. This way
you will have managed already half of the workload you are supposed to do. 

How can I make the best of a lecture?

Soon after the lecture, you should have another look at your notes, edit and save them in an appropriate form. Check whether you have understood the essentials and summarise them in your own words. Should you still have questions, feel free to raise them in class. Do also read the recommended literature. You’ll need all that in the final examination.